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Uplift San Bernardino is a collective impact initiative at the Making Hope Happen Foundation.
Together, We are building a generation of successful adults committed to growing roots in San Bernardino.

Wellness Fund: Sustainable & Innovative Housing Project Application is



HUMAN CAPITAL: Number of students secured employment (2021-22 school year)


ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY: Small Business Start-Ups (January – December 2021)


NEIGHBORHOOD DEVELOPMENT: New Homeowners (2021-2023)

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Our Strategic Framework For Change

Human Capital

Launching our future workforce into local careers

Our work will improve access to local opportunities for our youth. We're aligning K16 pathways with local business & industry, incentivizing youth to pursue their future here, and helping them gain valuable experience through internships.

Economic Opportunity

Igniting upward mobility in the local market

Youth will have opportunities to advance and know how to maximize success when they achieve it. Our collective work will increase entrepreneurialism, financial health, digital access and professional networks among the next generation.

Neighborhood Development

Fostering conditions for growing roots here

San Bernardino already has a wealth of opportunity - culture, family, jobs, higher education, and smart kids. Together we will strengthen our community around them. We're inspiring investments in developing our neighborhoods, improving safety, enhancing community pride, and creating opportunities for small businesses to thrive.

Collective Impact

Thriving together through collective impact

Our transformational work provides the glue to keep a community focused on the same goal. We're facilitating communication, monitoring our impact, and learning together. Uplift San Bernardino is a backbone organization for the combined efforts of a variety of aligned collaborative works.

Working Together

Within our Strategic Framework for Change, Uplift San Bernardino aligns and advances collaborative programs of promise in the following ways.

Convening leadership workgroups...

Convening leadership workgroups...

Gathering people responsible for developing policies and overseeing systems to learn and discover new solutions for improving outcomes for San Bernardino’s youth.

Inspiring effective communication...

Inspiring effective communication...

Communication with and engagement of our families will help leaders make better decisions and give youth better access to opportunities.

Creating shared understanding...

Creating shared understanding...

Research and data will help us better understand the issues and opportunities in our community. Learning together will improve our collective focus on our common goal.

Unlocking resources...

Unlocking resources...

Organizing our collective work to inspire confidence that philanthropic and institutional investments will result in positive outcomes will bring more resources to positively impact our community.

Filling gaps between systems...

Filling gaps between systems...

Mobilizing people, organizations, and resources in new ways to create better solutions and streamline services will make the path to success easier for local youth

Promoting accountability...

Promoting accountability...

By creating a transparent record of our work and sharing it with all stakeholders we’ll invite our community to hold us accountable for results that matter.

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