Uplift San Bernardino is Focused on the Future

Launch the Future Workforce Into Local Jobs

Ignite Upward Mobility in Our Community

Foster Conditions for Growing Roots Here

Thrive Together Through Collective Impact


• Lack of local education and professional networks block upward mobility for residents
• Our young talent is leaving our city to find success elsewhere that exists for them here
• The youth of San Bernardino want to write a new story for our community

collective impact action

Within this strategic framework, we will:

1. Convene leadership work groups to change systems & policies

2. Effectively inspire community voice & engagement to inform better decisions & increase access to opportunities especially for youth

3. Create shared understanding of issues & opportunities based on research & data

4. Unlock resources for aligned programs of promise

5. Mobilize people and resources to fill in gaps identified between systems

6. Promote accountability through a transparent history of our decisions, progress, & learning

7. Equity and inclusion is the lens, mirror, and focus of all we do

Collective Impact Action

collective impact action
Shorter Term Outputs

Shorter Term Outputs

Progress is measured by increases in the number of:

Youth graduating high school college ready

Local high school grads choosing local colleges & universities

Businesses offering internships

Students engaged in local internships

Students involved in community service

Community volunteers in local schools

Residents participating in surveys & forums

Residents voting in local elections

Residents living in stable housing

Residents reporting feeling safe here

Households with internet access

Civic organizations with youth leaders

Young adults with savings accounts

Young adults with Linked In profiles

Housing developments in the pipeline

Shorter Term Outputs
Longer Term Outcomes

Success means more local youth will grow up to:

Graduate from local colleges

Get jobs here

Climb career ladders within the local market

Own local businesses

Buy homes in San Bernardino

Longer Term Outcomes

Longer Term Outcomes
Population Level Change

Population Level Change

By achieving these outcomes, we expect:

Future generations of adults in our community will have higher incomes and more education leading to a healthier community for all. Ultimately, San Bernardino will be a community of choice exceeding state averages for income, education, and home ownership.

Population Level Change