CHW/P Training Program Prepares Residents to Enter Workforce

June 13, 2023
June 13, 2023 Noraly Sainz

CHW/P Training Program Prepares Residents to Enter Workforce

El Sol Community Health Worker and Promotor (CHW/P) Training Center and Community Partners partnered this winter to provide a 5-week CHW/P Training Program focused on workforce preparedness.

Residents from San Bernardino County with a heart and passion for service had the opportunity to participate and get prepared to enter the workforce through hands-on learning and real-world experiences, and by focusing on the uncovering of skills that help participants work alongside their communities and connect people with the resources and services they need. 

 The customized training program included:

Learning alongside a local health plan and health center leaders on how you can close gaps and increase trust in social and health systems.

Distribution essentials to parents at a local elementary school and learning about the importance of collecting and evaluating data to take community action plans.

Visiting a well-known community garden to distribute food to local residents and learning about food security and the role of public health.

Networking and interviewing for vacant Community Health Worker and Promotores positions with local health plans, hospital, and community-based organizations.

El Sol’s Community Health Workers and Promotores Training Center offers the support, hands-on training, and technical assistance designed to incorporate and retain high-quality CHWs/Ps and supervisors in community-based organizations, health care plans, public health departments,  healthcare centers, and other social-service agencies. To learn more, interested persons may email Alex Fajardo.