E-Bike Rebate Program Offers Up to $7,500

July 31, 2023 Noraly Sainz

E-Bike Rebate Program Offers Up to $7,500

For those interested in saving money on transportation costs, reducing air pollution and getting exercise, the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) helps residents of the South Coast Air Basin purchase electric bicycles, e-bikes.

To be eligible for the e-bike rebate program, a person must be a resident of the South Coast Basin, purchase an e-bike from a participating retailer and have an income that meets the program’s requirements. 

 The income criteria for applying are the same as the Replace Your Ride Program 

  • The e-bike must have a maximum motor wattage of 750W

  • May get 2 or more e-bikes if applicants have the corresponding number of adults in their IRS tax household filling.

  • E-bikes typically have pedal assist, are Class 1 or 2,(CARB is excluding Class 3 in their proposed e-bike incentive program) do not exceed 20 mph, and have a motor rated no higher than 750 watts. Bikes above these may sometimes require a special license and safety equipment.

Interested persons must apply under the Replace Your Ride program (RYR) and select e-bike.  For those who qualify under the RYR income limits, the case manager will issue a letter entitling the applicant to go shopping for an e-bike.  The AQMD provides a total of $7,500 which may allow for the purchase of more than one bike. If the entire  $7,500 is not spent, AQMD will issue a debit card for public transportation.

Eligible applicants may shop for the e-bike in person at any brick-and-mortar bike shop located within our South Coast Air Quality Basin, online stores are not eligible, these include local bike shops in all of Orange County and the urban portions of Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties. The maximum incentive amount is $7,500 which could be used toward the purchase of the e-bike and eligible accessories.

Interested in learning more about replacing your ride for an e-bike? Email Uplift San Bernardino Program Coordinator Heather Zappia at [email protected].