Economic Opportunity

Youth and their families will have opportunities to grow and know how to maximize success when they achieve it. Our collective work will increase entrepreneurialism, financial health, digital access and professional networks among the next generation.

Support for Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur? Meet the team that has come
together to support you at every stage of your business journey!

Small Business Resource Group

Retaining Talent & Hiring Local

Working with employers, we’re identifying and removing barriers that unintentionally prevent local residents from securing local jobs. We’re creating incentives and awareness to keep our future workforce here to support our future economy.

Financially Healthy Families

equipping families with strategies for managing money in ways that lead to better economic success

Next Generation Networks

increasing access to career and leadership opportunities by fostering professional networks for youth especially where they do not inherently exist

Upward Mobility Maps

charting the progression of careers to provide guidance for youth

Our Best Face Forward

changing the narrative we use to describe our city to encourage a more positive reputation and community pride

San Bernardino First

Promoting economic growth through local purchasing preferences especially by local anchor institutions who care about the city’s success.