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San Bernardino has a wealth of opportunity – culture, family, jobs, higher education, and smart kids. Together we will strengthen our community around them. We’re inspiring investments in developing our neighborhoods, improving safety, enhancing community pride, and creating opportunities for small businesses to thrive.

Interested in Homeownership?

Learn about our partners who are working together increase homeownership in San Bernardino

Community Responds Favorably to Homeownership Workshop

Did You Know?

The Rollings Stones played their very first concert at the National Orange Show.
Learn more interesting facts about Firsts in San Bernardino at the San Bernardino History and Railroad Museum.

San Bernardino History and Railroad Museum

Want to get Involved?

Learn about your neighborhood and connect with your local San Bernardino Neighborhood Association Council

Neighborhood Association Council

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Learn about our partners who are working together to support Small Business!

Small Business Resource Group

Vibrant City

We support enhancing the aesthetics and social /recreational infrastructure of the community through park and green space equity, increasing civic engagement among residents, including voting and participation in neighborhood associations. Let’s continue to promote culture and arts in ways that connect people to their community!

Uplift San Bernardino Vacant 2 Vibrant

Uplift San Bernardino invites residents to join our Vacant2Vibrant initiative to learn about urban planning and get involved in guiding change in the City. The Vacant2Vibrant initiative offers a series of learning-based workshops for residents of San Bernardino interested in shaping the development of vacant lots in the City.

Classes will engage residents in a fun and easy way to learn about the history of planning, planning tools, and the decision-making process. The goal of the Vacant2Vibrant initiative is to provide residents with a platform to shape the future of vacant lots in the community.

Do you have a vacant lot in your neighborhood? Take our survey and let us know what type of housing you envision in these vacant lots.

Contact [email protected] for more information

Module 1

Module 2

Instructions for Activities:

Student Materials may be downloaded and printed for use

Choose Area 1 or 2

You may use LEGO bricks from home (if you have them) or just have a conversation about what type of density you would like to see (using the LEGO brick sheet for reference).

The zoning scenario is based on existing zoning – your job is to figure out whether it should stay the same or change. You can use the guiding questions for prompts.

If possible, we suggest doing the activity with at least one other person.

Module 3

Blocks of Care

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Over a dozen Beautiful Creative Projects

See the creative works where Artists and Community come together

Safe & Healthy Neighborhoods

Addressing crime, safety and health disparity issues that currently exist help us build the foundation for a higher quality of life in San Bernardino.

Uplift San Bernardino 1 of 37 Accountable Communities for Health

Uplift San Bernardino at the Making Hope Happen Foundation will work with the California Accountable Communities for Health Initiative ( for 2.5 years and build, grow and sustain our collective impact by leaning into the social determinants of health and health equity. As the only Accountable Community for Health (ACH) in San Bernardino County, our ACH will focus on CalAIM’s Enhanced Care Management and Community Supports initiative and will deploy additional resources to the Arrowhead Grove and surrounding Waterman+ Baseline specific community. Learn about CACHI at their website, click the box icon below

Wellness Fund: Sustainable & Innovative Housing Project Application

Through the generous support of Kaiser Permanente, and in alignment with Uplift San Bernardino’s Neighborhood Development goal to increase housing for all, the Uplift San Bernardino Network is welcoming applicants in pursuit of sustainable transitional, emergency, permanent supportive, co-op and other housing projects that will house unhoused individuals, and families in San Bernardino or Muscoy. One award of up to $100,000 will be available for projects with 100 units or more. Max award for small projects will be up to $25,000. There are 3 categories: Pre-Development, Pre-Development Rehab/Conversion, and Innovative Construction. Diverse, new, and small led organizations are strongly encouraged to apply. This application process will have five phases: 1. Completion of this application, due September 29, 2023. Invitation to share documentation (proforma’s, site plans, etc.) 3. Panel Review of Projects (Please note, all panelist are required to keep projects confidential). 4. Panel will submit Project Nominations for the public to review 5. Community Voting of projects 6. Projects Announced and Awarded October 31.


52 Students Public Health Interns Support
Homeownership Readiness Self Reflection Project

Read the self reflections students shared with us following their experience with our Homeownership Readiness Rubric Project.

Homeownership Readiness

Are you interested in homeownership? Complete this brief questionnaire and we will send you the Homeownership Readiness Intake form or the Homeownership Readiness Self-Reflection.

First and Last Name / Nombre y Apellido(Required)
What city do you live in? / ¿En que ciudad vive?(Required)
Do you currently rent, own, or are you unhoused? ¿Actualmente alquila o es propietario, o no tiene donde vivir?(Required)
Please select your gross income. Gross income is the total income from all sources before anything is taken out for taxes or other deductions. Seleccione su ingreso bruto. El ingreso bruto es el ingreso total de todas las fuentes de ingreso antes de impuestos u otras deducciones.
Would you like to stay connected with Uplift San Bernardino? / ¿Le gustaría estar conectado con Uplift San Bernardino?(Required)
I am interested in/Estoy interesado en:
Homeownership Readiness Self Reflection Form is to reflect on your own readiness, you may reach out to us at [email protected] and request the Homeownership Readiness Intake Form to be connected to Housing Counseling and Financial Health support. /El Formulario de autorreflexión de preparación para la propiedad de vivienda es para reflexionar sobre su propia preparación. Puede comunicarse con nosotros a [email protected] y solicitar el Formulario de Preparación para la propiedad de vivienda para conectarse con el apoyo de consejería de vivienda y salud financiera.